Plumbers Merchant

HBS provides a valuable resource for plumbers – both trade and DIY - and for gas installers. We stock a wide range of fittings, materials, and consumables, all at competitive prices. We also have access to a comprehensive network of suppliers so that whatever your needs, if we don't stock it directly, we can almost certainly get it, very often by next day.

Take a look below to give you an idea of what we stock, but please remember, we have much more...

  • Copper Tube / Pipe
  • Copper Coils
  • End feed fittings
  • Compression fittings
  • Yorkshire fittings
  • John Guest Speedfit
  • Polypipe Traps
  • Everbuild
  • Solder-Ring Fittings
  • MDPE pipe & fittings
  • Sink & Shower fittings
  • Silicone sealant & remover
  • Central heating chemicals
  • Chrome fittings
  • Tile Grout & Adhesive
  • Immersion heaters
  • McAlpine
  • Solvent Weld waste
  • Pushfit Waste
  • Solder, Flux, Solvent Cement, PTFE Tape, & Thread Sealing Paste
  • Soil pipe and fittings



Call in, give us a ring, or drop us an email if you would like any information regarding what we can supply.

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